What is AQmarket

We are a bidding portal of industrial purchases, offering opportunities in Supplies, Services and Assets, and we focus on minimizing your transaction costs

Today, many companies have management systems (ERP) to control their operation efficiency, from inventory control to warehouse reception. However, a fundamental subject that has partly undermined the competitiveness of the businesses is the lack of transparency or compliance systems, in addition to the unnecessary overload for the purchasing departments in the process of obtaining offers.

AQmarket provides a commercial solution through a bidding web platform (B2B) for all kinds of supplies and industrial services, generating inclusive, traceable and certified acquisition processes. Along with improving competitiveness and compliance of their processes, the companies associated to AQmarket make up a Business Community that allows Suppliers to have new opportunities through an access to more buyers; and assures Buyers a higher level of competitiveness, efficiency and control of their acquisition processes, creating meaningful benefits.

Be a part of AQmarket and gain a key partner for the management of your business.

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