AQmarket helps you to make a Strategic Purchase


Transparency & Compliance

Through inclusive and traceable bidding processes, achieve procedures which comply with the best industrial practices, besides accessing complete historical information on previous processes, thereby strengthening accountability on the management of the organization.


Access a wide suppliers’ offer, local and global, generating higher involvement in their processes of purchasing and contracting.
Compare your alternatives based on quality parameters and make an informed decision.


Simplify the purchasing process of your acquisitions team, minimizing the cost per contact and negotiation times. Also, handle information of your offers in a logical and organized manner, increasing the productivity of your business.

Purchase Strategy Information

Easily access compliance and process performance information to facilitate decision-making and improve your purchasing strategies.

Supplier Development

Through systematic and continuous information on your purchasing processes, you can learn your suppliers’ competitive gaps to manage them accordingly.

Cloud-based software

AQmarket is not an ERP, but a cloud-based software (SAAS) easily adaptable to processes and systems of each organization.


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