You have to access www.aqmarket.com, then press the option Register as supplier and enter the required information.
It is not necessary to receive a presence-based training, because the use of AQmarket is very simple and intuitive. However, if you need additional support, once you enter your account you can click the option Help, where you can access a tutorial for suppliers.
You can participate in as many categories as you wish if you effectively provide that Input or Service. The category register is done once your account is created, by accessing the Settings option.
Once you are registered in the category(ies) of your interest, you will automatically receive biddings related to those category(ies).
No. The information entered to AQmarket is absolutely confidential and guarded under the highest security standards and according to current regulations on free competition. Because of this, no supplier can have access to other suppliers’ information. Nor will the participants in a bidding be known.
No. The buyer can only have access to the received offers. Once the deadline on the publication of the bidding is met, the electronic envelope with all the biddings will automatically open simultaneously.
Once the publication date is met, the electronic envelope will automatically open. In that moment the client has access to know who bided and under what conditions.
No. The information entered in AQmarket is absolutely confidential and guarded under the highest security standards and according to current regulations on free competition. Because of this, no buyer can have access to the information of any offer received by another bidder.
Yes. All inquiries entered by the suppliers in the bidding module are visible for all those who participate in the process. However, the questions are anonymous, guarding the identity of the business that is asking. In this way, the questions and answers are simultaneously available to all interested.
In AQmarket there are NO registration, membership or participation costs. The only cost associated to AQmarket is a commission to whoever the biding is awarded. The detail on the commissions is described in the Terms and Conditions published in your user section. For more information you can email us at contacto@aqmarket.com.
No. The commission is applied exclusively to those who are awarded the bidding.
AQmarket does not define criteria, nor does it ponder the offers or gives them any preference. The client defines their allocations according to their own criteria.
Yes. In AQmarket there is a series of variables set to create differentiating elements, amongst which you can find the evaluations of the buyers, the qualifications obtained by the business and all documentation that the business attaches to their offer, such as technical details, brochures, etc.
AQmarket is a portal that tends to minimize the transaction costs, automating the entire complex and tiring process of offer acquisition. Through our Portal, the buying business’ requirements are managed inclusively, automatically matching the registered businesses in the corresponding categories. At the same time, the biddings are sealed, and revealed to the buyers simultaneously. Finally, the process at AQmarket encourages fair competition and Compliance, allowing the buying company traceability of all the received offers by each supplier.
If you are a Buyer or Supplier you can access a series of reports based on Business Intelligence processes, through Data Mining tools, which will help you define the best Buy/Sell strategies.
We have a permanent attention service available during business hours. Commercial and technical support has to be addressed at contacto@aqmarket.com. At the same time, a user session chat room is also operational.
You can use any web browser, but we recommend a connection through Google Chrome. If you wish to use Internet Explorer, later versions to 10.0 are recommended.
No. The Portal is designed to adapt to the needs of the clients, with multiple users existing in one organization.