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Market access

Generate new business opportunities, with information on the requirements of your industry’s main purchasing businesses, thereby lowering possible entry barriers.

Equal Conditions

In AQmarket you can find an Ecosystem based on fair competition; an inclusive environment where privileges are not part of the equation and confidentiality is highly valued.


Take part of this business community and differentiate yourself highlighting the attributes of your value offer, which is rated by the buyers in AQmarket. Identify your differentiating aspects, such as ratings, qualifications or relevant assessments for your potential clients.


Join our Marketplace and have access to the lowest sales costs, and with no fixed costs. Accomplish meaningful efficiencies through electronic sales with the lowest transaction costs.

Sale Strategy Information

Obtain valuable information about your commercial performance and competitiveness through diverse management reports. You can also access valuable information to determine new business opportunities.

Cloud-based software

AQmarket is not an ERP, but a cloud-based software (SAAS) easily adaptable to processes and systems of each organization.


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